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    The Summer break is coming up for me (4 days now!) and I'll have 6 weeks doing whatever I please. I want to raise my fitness levels and hopefully lose a bit of weight in the coming months. The problem is, staying at home, eating Ben and Jerry's, watching TV and surfing the internet all seem to appeal to me more than exercising! How do you all get the motivation to get off your bum and do a little work!?

    How much do you want to lose the weight? Not enough right now...

    Start by getting a little bit done rather than nothing! Don't set yourself a ridiculous schedule that isn't realistic for you to stick to. Just slowly build up whatever type of training you choose to do.

    Maybe get a friend to join you who has similar goals??

    Motivation is hard at best for me, I'm currently training ridiculously hard to beat a guy at my running club who talks down to me like I'm a total waste of flesh. My goal is to beat him next time I see him at a race

    For you though just remember how good you'll look and feel after you do your summer of exercise and fitness, that should be enough for a cracking 6 weeks

    Do something you actually enjoy, then the motivation comes easy. Do it often enough so that it becomes habit. If you don't want to do it naturally then nothing will motivate you, true motivation is inherent and innate.

    I've actually thought long and hard about this. Good body, low body fat, speed/power etc.... but it all boils down to being stronger next time; being faster next time. That's my motivation. Faster, stronger. Just beat the guy in the mirror from last week.

    The best way to be motivated is to enjoy what your doing. What kind of activities do you most enjoy? If you can find some active hobby that you actually don't mind doing then your half way there!!

    Anotehr thing that helps me is to keep a record log of the amount of time i've spent exercising, practising etc. So that if i have a 'bad week' where I don't do much I feel guilty having to write it down, and that encourages me to make up for it and try harder
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Updated: July 16, 2012
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