Rejected in the nicest way ever

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    I have been rejected in the nicest way ever...

    ' I have to say, I'm flattered (and a little suprised), but I have to be honest with you: I've always seen you as a friend. A very good friend (almost like a sister), but not really as a girlfriend. Still, I don't want things to be awkward: I like being friends with you '

    I have prepared for this but I do not know why I can still feel hurt. Although I told him in my email that I would try to put my feelings away so we can stiill be friends...but I cannot say I have stopped liking him... It's just sad no matter how much I told myself

    What shall I do? Avoid him for a while to let my feelings heal? Shall I? or Shall I try being friends with him? He is so nice to me so I dont feel right avoiding him...

    Just pretend it never happened, soon enough some other guy will grab your attention

    Give yourself a little space but not so much that it impacts your friendship. Just make sure you are comfortable with the situation and look out for someone else.


    awww well done OP for having the courage to tell him!! Just take some space but still be friends with him

    (Original post by pinkangelgirl)
    awww well done OP for having the courage to tell him!! Just take some space but still be friends with him
    This - Just be happy you can still have him in your life and happy that he appreciates your friendship a lot. Not everyone gets that from these situations, you're quite lucky really.

    After building up the courage for the best part of 4 months, I asked a girl out a couple of years ago. She rejected me in the nicest way possible. She even tried to apologise. Honestly, it destroyed me, and I'm only just now starting to get over it. You'll feel bad, but you'll move on eventually.
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Updated: July 24, 2012
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