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Now Chelsea is 2nd levelling ManU because of goal difference. How would you rate the 2 clubs?

Personally, i think Chelsea really has great potential and i can almost guarantee them to be in the top 3 next season, and possibly 1st, but Man U is a better team at the moment, with players like cristiano ronaldo (whose ability i have doubted for a few months) connecting with van nistelrooy, with scholes...etc. However none of them are on the same level of Arsenal this season. Their counterattack has been amazing the speed and quality of passes by pires, henry, ljungberg...and noone can find angles quite like they do. Reyes seem promising too.

Who do you think will win the premiership this season? I think it is Arsenal's year, and they deserve it. But watch out next season, during the summer I can guaratee that Roman will bring a few big signings in to Chelsea...
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