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    So i've just finished my first year doing Criminology and Forensic science and i hate it. Well, i dont hate it, its just i dont want to go into the proffesion anymore. I've realised i find it boring and just not for me. Also, with all the cutbacks in the public sector i may come out of uni with no chance anyway!

    My dream job was to always work in film, no matter what it is or i had to do - i'd be happy to work as a runner for as long as i needed and eventually build knowledge in other areas and eventually progress.

    I mean i love the uni, and i got on with my course friends and flat mates but im just not happy with the course. I was thinking about changing courses and doing a film/media course however the film industry doesnt look for degrees, it looks for experience.

    I would leave at the drop off a hat but im worried about what my parents are going to say due to the fact they've paid for this years accomodation and my mums always wanted me to go to uni.

    Also, i have a contract for a house next year - i have a job so i wont be strapped for money by not getting the maintenance loan. I was thinking of working this year full time, making some money and then applying for an appenticeship/experience in the industry.

    I really dont know what to do. Do i stick it out knowing that i dont want to go into that proffesion, or do i leave and believe i can do what i want to do?

    Well I just want you to know, and no fool yourself, that making it in the film industry in any capacity is not easy. It's nearly impossible. You not only need lots of experience/talent you need to be lucky as well. When I did some acting I knew loads of talented actors that got no where. You actually need luck and networking skills more than anything.

    Having said that, you only live once, and you can only give it a shot. Just don't stick at it forever if it is not working out. The cutbacks you mentioned are hitting arts even worse.

    My general advice would be to pursue film and acting as an aside just now in your spare time. You have an entire life to pursue it when the economic climate changes for the better. I would either get that degree, or something quite vocational.

    With both careers it is a long shot employment wise. There is nothing to stop you pursuing your film aspirations alongside your current course or changing to a film studies related course and seeking real experience.

    Could you make yourself more unique in the film job market with your science skills? You are not obligated to seek a career in the subject you study at university. It sounds more like that you are dishearten by the job prospects of your current course. But what you should be thinking about is, how can I use what I have, to do what I want to do.

    I suggest that you look at your options for changing courses, gaining skills in the film industry. Whilst you may not need qualifications for the film industry, a course may help you to build contacts and a body of work to use as a calling card.
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Updated: July 17, 2012
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