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    Hello, I am due to start AS French in September and I was just wondering if there are any vocab lists I could be looking at, just to keep things ticking over during the summer. Thank you in advance. Sam

    I's suggest taking a look at the course specification and if there are any weak spots you have, revise or learn some key vocabulary for it. I wouldn't worry too much though - you will learn all the vocabulary you need in plenty of time!

    Instead of looking at lists of vocab, which can get a bit boring, watch some French videos or films, with or without sub-titles, just to get you in the right mind-set near the start of term. There are a few good French comedies, try "Un gars une fille" I used to love that show :rolleyes: Or read magasines, french websites, etc.

    Hope this helps
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    I will be sure to take a look at 'Un gars une fille' and watch some other things. And I will have a look at the specification too. Thank you for your advice
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