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    (Original post by greenrevolt)
    how come and PPE includes history?
    Because all the subjects are taught from scratch when you get there, and including them as a requirement would rule out a hell of a lot of good people. History and Maths are the only subjects they specify as "helpful".

    PPE officially includes Philosophy, Economics, Politics, International Relations and Sociology. In practice (at least this was true a few years back), you could end up doing virtually all History in the final two years.

    Modern History and Politics @ Oxford sounds ok..at the end of the day is all a matter of getting those As before going to any interviews..Pray for me to get As

    I'm actually off to do a Journalism degree at the London Institute in October. Although they get a lot of bad press it can be a good idea because a lot of the places that take on people will only assess them by examples of their work and work experience. I didn't do to well at school due to many reasons except being stupid and have managed to get myself work experience at both News International and the BBC. If you don't have the chance to get work experience like that then yes doing a "traditional" degree is probably better.

    Though people **** off journalism degrees it's interesting to remind you that the first proper undergraduate degree in journalism was only introduced in the early 90's and although it may seem that such a degree will catapult you straight to the top it is not the case.
    The people that got these degrees are still working their way up and I'm sure in a few years time there will be a number of people with journalism degrees.

    Think about it, Kate Adie has a degree in Scandanavian Studies...you can't get more random than that!

    Kate Thornton was editor of Smash Hits merely a couple of years after graduating from a Journalism degree, you don't hear a lot of praise from journalists in the media about such degrees because a lot of their jobs will be threatned if these degrees were to acquire status.

    Whatever you choose to do good luck with it and I wish you all the luck (You know I'm lying because I see you as competition! LOL just kidding)

    (Original post by Jools)
    You couldn't be more wrong there. Look at how obsessed the media are with what's going on at Oxbridge, every other day we're in the papers. I've spoken to and helped some leading journalists at Telegraph, Times, Guardian(!), BBC News, Sky News, Daily Mail, Mirror etc. Also, the student papers at Ox/Cam are a lot more well known and better than LSE's Beaver - just take a look at the online editions.

    Re: Government & History, good option. It's not that important like I said but good ones for journalism are English, History, Politics, PPE, Politics.
    How important would you say that your choice of uni is on a future career in journalism? Obviously a decent student media scene really helps - but does the reputation of a uni impress employers in the newspaper industry? So far I've just based my choices on how much I like the place and their reputation for English/History.

    (Original post by Tiger)
    How important would you say that your choice of uni is on a future career in journalism? Obviously a decent student media scene really helps - but does the reputation of a uni impress employers in the newspaper industry? So far I've just based my choices on how much I like the place and their reputation for English/History.
    With the courses I chose I looked for reputation, famous alumni in the field, employment after graduation rate, location and course structure.

    And then I forgot it all and chose the one that felt the best.

    After I accepted my Unconditional offer from there, I found out it was the 55th best University in the country and higher than the ones I had rejected including Bournemouth which is apparently "soooo good" for Journalism.

    I know I've made the right desicion, you know you will make yours right as well

    Im just comming to the end of my first year of a Journalism degree at Central Lancs. I am enjoying the course and I feel like we are being given the skills, not only to become a journalist, but also to understand Journalists' place in society and the media. I've heard alot of sucess stories about previous graduates who have now got good jobs at national level not just regional level. When i have been on work experience the people there said they believed journalism courses can get you good jobs in the industry and thought the Cenral Lancs course was particularly good, so some people do get jobs after doing a journalism degree.
    I read the article at the start of the thread from the Guardian and was slightly confused, if the courses are so bad and over rated why are the entry requirements so high? I had to get 300 points for mine, i dont know if other courses are alot less, and I didnt realise so few we acreditied, but i had to work hard for those grades that could have gotten me a place on a prestigious 'traditional' course.

    Im going to Journalism, so what im probably going to do is a Journalism degree at U.Q. but I want to be a fashion journalist (yikes eh?!), so im also going to take a design degree at TAFE on the side. I already write articles for the school etc, so ive kept them. When ive got my degree I think im going to spend soem time in Italy, ive started learning Italian more full on now to prepare.

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