A Grade Model Answers For AQA A Psychology PSYA3 available on Ibooks for Ipad/Iphone! Watch

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Hi there,

For those that dont know me on this forum, I have been home studying A level Psychology (AQA A) for the past year and sat my final exam this june for paper 4.

I work full time in the field with offenders but never studied it at college and thought I would do it as a bit of a hobby to keep my mind active.

Surprisingly I have been doing quite well and have achieved three A's for the last 3 papers, (83um, 90ums and 100ums for psya3).

I sat the last paper (Psya4) last month and await the results this August but I only needed a high D to get an A overall and feel relatively confident of that.
(I am secretly hoping to get an A* which I think is within reach too)

It has taken a lot of hard work and effort as I am by no means clever and the nights I sat almost in tears has reminded me exactly how difficult A levels were when I was at college.

Through my time studying I noticed, especially for paper 3 in particular where I got full marks, that I seemed to get a lot of emails and messages from various students for my model essay answers to aid them.

Unfortunately they were all in note forms and cue cards and acronyms but it seemed to be something of interest for students.

Psya3 is quite exhausting mentally as your required to learn about a minimum of about 21 essays to cover your 3 topics (more depending on the topic you choose) and it seemed that many students were finding it a pain (just as I did) to extract the information from the various textbooks and then shape it into an answer that would get you close to full marks.

I figured model essay answers pre-written would be of something that would benefit students as that way they would only have to learn them rather than spend ages extracting the info.

For the past few months I have been working on an Ibook for the Ipad & Iphone for Psya3 Aggression with model essay answers for the possible questions that can come up.
These include the answers that helped me get full marks on the paper as well as the other ones that did not come up.

I just finished it today and submitted it to the apple store for publication meaning it will be available in the next few days I imagine.

If students out there wish to have ready made answers for the paper, check it out and see if it helps.

If there is enough interest I will look to do the same for the Relationships topic and Sleep & Biological Rhythms.

I have charged a small fee for it which I hope students find reasonable. It is likely I will make a loss on it due to the cost of purchasing 10 ISBN numbers to get it published (I had to buy them in bulk as they arn't sold in single forms) but in some ways it also allowed me to test my personal goal of getting something useful published.

Once you see the effort put in its creation I think most will agree it is worth the tiny cost.

I have also included the layout of my essay answers and a simple way to memorise the vast amount of essays to aid students.

The goal was, if students wanted they could effectively just learn these model answers by heart and use them in the exams if they were in a rush or strapped for time and struggling to learn the topics.

All the answers have been referenced from various textbooks which are all referenced at the back of the book but presented in my own simple to understand and memorise words.

If you find it useful, please spread the word on the book. I will see about getting it onto the kindle store too for other devices should people find it beneficial.

Feedback is also welcome or ways I could improve the book(s).
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Book now published and live on itunes!!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/aqa-...47172151?mt=11

It has some formatting issues but the model answers are the main things people will be after.

Il release an update to fix the formatting issues (apparently minor from what apple tell me) but I need to purchase an ipad for ibook testing.

Enjoy! and feedback welcome!
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Hi I cant access it, is there anyway you could put it in a google docs document instead?! thanks so much
em x

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