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I have recently graduated with a 2:1 in Sociology and Psychology and have no idea what it is I want to go into. My degree is very broad and isn't specific to a certain job, unless I pursue a career in Psychology but that means more studying and I would need to fund the course myself.

I have applied for few internships... both doing pretty much the same thing. I've had two interviews but after they have explained what the role entails, I began to lose interest as it wasn't what I hoped it'd be. One is a voluntary personal assistant and the other is marketing and events assistant. The unpaid internship has put me off as I would be working for free, and this may make me feel less motivated to do the work (as selfish as that sounds). I do have a part-time job waitressing and I have been given more hours now that I have completed university. The voluntary internship will give me experience but I won't be guarenteed a job at the company after. So it's experience versus money really. I'd rather carry on working the hours waitressing so I can earn money while I can, rather than volunteering work that I don't think I'd enjoy. As for the marketing and events assistant, it is full-time and paid, and is a 45 minute commute from home. It's for a company regarding the legal sector which is completely different from my degree and far from what I'm familiar with.

I have signed up to numerous online recruitment/graduate agencies and have not have any luck. I've applied for many jobs and I never seem to get a reply regarding my application, and have had one unsuccessful application. I know that rather than jumping straight into applying for a 'grown up' job, you should gain as much experience as you can first.

I have considered doing temp work so I can get experience in different areas of work to boost my CV as I only have waitress experience.

I'd appreciate thoughts and advice from anyone experiencing the same dilemma, or anyone who can just offer some support.

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