I want to break up with my boyfriend, but i dont.. SO CONFUSED Watch

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Okay, so ive been with my boyfriend for a year now and we met at uni, just finished our first year and its been great so far. He's treated me like a princess and is what you call one of the ''nice guys''. We have the same group of friends at uni and we got on really well.. but lately ive just completely got fed up. Its like I can't stand his ways any more..

He's become the most unmotivated and lazy person. Its now 2 months into the summer holidays and he hasn't got off his ass and got a job, then moans about having no money (which then means we havent done anything as a couple all summer because he has ''no money to do anything'') but then he doesnt get off his ass and get a job!!

On top of that, because he'd been slobbing around all summer, he's put on quite a lot of weight from a couple of months ago and then moans about how fat he thinks he's got, so when I tell him if he wants to be happy in his body then he should hit the gym, he says he can't be bothered because he hates exercise!!!!!!

There are so many things that just make me so fed up of him, and the relationship has just got into a routine. Because he has no money, our days consist of simply him coming round to my house and staying in.. and when i offer a new idea, he says he has no money. I've been working full time all summer and saved to go to spain for 2 weeks with my girlfriends, and any time I bring up memories from holiday, he makes stupid jealous comments and puts me down with his negative attitude.. He's driving me crazy

I just don't know what to do because worst of all, I'm living with him in my student house next year with 7 of our other friends ( we organised the house when we were just friends, before we even got together), and I just feel trapped in the relationship because he's told me he'd be distraught if he had to see me every day in the house if we break up.

He's such a lovely boyfriend to me and treats me like a princess and I know he loves me, but its just not enough. My feelings for him are completely dissapearing and I don't know what to do because I know he loves me and I love him but I just feel that I'm not happy. I feel like he's got way to comfortable and just assumes that because we'r living together next year that we won't break up.. but thats not the case!

He constantly tells me about his insecurities (which is good to a certain extent) but not when its always about how insecure he is with his looks and always has to ask me if he's good enough in bed.. which is a turn off in its own right because confidence in bed is a must), and we hardly even have sex anymore because hes THAT lazy that he prefers blowjobs!!!!!!!

Now i'm writing this all down it just makes me see how bad it really is

Please help me
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Maybe you should tell him that you aren't happy with the way things are at the moment, and that isn't just enough for you to be staying in all the time, and doing nothing. Even if he is too lazy to do things for himself, if he values you, and really would be devastated in having to live with you in the house but not as GF and BF then he will act on it. Sometimes people just need a shove in the right direction.

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