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My doctor referred me to the mental health 6 weeks ago (about suspected Bipolar). After phoning the doctors up several times, to find out what was going off, by doctor asked me to see her. Today I went to see her and the Mental health team had emailed a letter to her. Apparently, I not psychotic enough for them to see me. They are the only ones that can evaluate me properly to confirm (or not confirm) about bipolar. But they refuse to see me. They place everything down to me being a teenager (I'm 20, I see myself as a young adult not a teenager) and that I'm suffering from my nannar's death (My nan died when I was 13, that was 7 years ago)
Even my doctor thinks this is slightly unfair for me to go without a evaluation, but her only solution was live with it and to read up the symptoms so I know what to look out for. I'm well read on the symptoms before I even saw a doctor, due to my mother trying to convince me I have Bipolar. What do I do? Is this even fair to be untreated/not evaluated?
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That's definitely not right. If you're suspected to have a mental illness and your GP doesn't feel able to diagnose you then you're entitled to be seen by someone else who can. I'd push to be referred to a psychiatrist, as they're the most obvious ones to be able to diagnose you and propose appropriate treatment if necessary. The waiting list can be quite long if you're a non-urgent case, but it's still better than not being seen by them ever.

Don't feel that this rejection somehow invalidates what you might be going through - mental health teams are really stretched, and sometimes this means that they'll refuse to see you when they really ought to. It's happened to me a few times - one time I was even rejected just because I didn't have a mobile phone!

If you can't get anywhere with being referred by your current doctor, you could try switching to another one, or contacting an advocacy service who can fight on your behalf (try looking at Mind for more information).

Hope things get sorted for you soon.
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Thank you so much for your reply.
This is actually the 3rd time I've changed doctors due to problems with treatments and generally not happy with the doctors. Plus I will be moving to a new city at the end of September for University. My doctor did mention that she thought about referring me to the counseling service at the doctors, but she there is a huge waiting list and the chances of me being seen before a move away is slim.
Thank you for the link, I will check it out now.
But I think with the way that my doctor keeps hinting, I'm going to have to wait till I move to deal with anything.
Thank you for your help

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