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So I'm at a point where my education has gone to **** and I'm wondering what path to follow. I excel in Automotive, mechanical and electrical things but lack in maths, so as a result I've had to do lower-tier in maths for my IGCSE's and I really don't have all C's
Are there any non math intensive automotive related uni courses? What about product design engineering? as I understand its mostly CAD designing and stuff, and I do have a bit of a knack for improvising and devising things. Is there any specific diploma or BTec I can do to work my way up to this course?

I'd like to map out a path and work along that, I'm doing a city and guilds automotive diploma at the moment and I don't think its realistic to go along with this either because the math and physics is still quite intensive. But I am very conversant with the mechanical side of it.

I'm kind of stressed out ATM because I've sort of got the feeling that I might not have that great of a future unless I land the right course for "me" and map out a path and go along that.

Thanks, please help... Rob

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