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I'm 16 and my dad is usually curious as to what I'm doing on the Internet, unless it's education related like TSR.
I think it kind of began from a young age because from a young age I've used MSN to chat to friends and because my dad doesn't know they are random adds or whether they're people I know, he seems curious as to what I do.
Then last year my ex best friend and I were talking about work experience that was going to be decided in school, all on a sudden she starts talking of a boy (I'm a Muslim) and how he fancies me and is interested in me because he saw me out a few days ago with some friends, and then he said I was banned from the Internet (obviously this has stopped now).
It's been over a year since all this happened, I admit I wasn't a very good Muslim at all, I've improved and become a better Muslim but I still have a lot to do, however now I am no longer friends with this girl for other reasons, I did ask my dad if I could get a laptop if I got good grades in my GCSEs and he did say that when time comes we'll see, I also told him he doesn't need to worry about who I'm talking to since this girl (and she obviously by doing this, gave a bad impression of herself) is no longer part of my life but I still feel like if I do end up getting that bit of freedom for a laptop and being able to feel like an adult and feel more mature, it will disappear instantly. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to explain or show my dad that I'm growing and I'm trying to prove to him that he doesn't need to worry about what I do on the Internet, that he can trust that I'm doing something that would not bring shame upon him, but it seems like even being, and even though I feel like I'm showing this, he still seems a little curious as to what I'm doing, even though it's nothing that needs to worry him.

Does anybody have any advice as to what I can do? And please, for those who do post back to this thread, keep your comments respectful. Thank you

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