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sry for the anon post, but this is a bit personal for me, and sry if it's long...thanks for reading if you do and would welcome any input

Wont give you the full story, but a few months ago i started going out with a girl. we had worked in the same department for about 6m until i asked her out. it just kinda happened. she was/ is the first girl to take an interest (in me), i i loved doing the relationship thing. unfortunately she didn't feel likewise, she didn't feel the sane and 2 weeks ago broke it up. i had seen the signs, but must admit, chosen to ignore them. we've not really communicated since (we used to text all the time) which has been difficult, but you have to deal with it? we share a similar circle of friends because of work, occasionally we go out for drinks. not sure how i feel about that. might find it difficult, not to say awkward, but does that mean i can't socialise with my friends? hope this doesn't sound like i'm being nasty re; her, its just that for me letting go can only be done if i'm not reminded, even though i want to see her, iygm. as we left it last, we decided to keep our friendship because that's how it started. don't really want to loose her as a friend because i do care for her, so jus looking for some feedback, thanks
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Not sure what to say, but if you 2 stay as friends, then you can socialise with your friends, just treating her as a friend aswell when you and her go out for drinks with friends. Just a suggestion

Hope you are ok.
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yeah thanks for that, i know there's no right or wrong answer :/ i'm Ok thanks, was better before this came up. she text me earlier, asking me if i was going (out). i know i shouldn't get into it, but kinda want her to know how i feel, why i feel i cant go, even though i'd like, iygm. these things are tricky :/

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