Pls give some advice for Thai student in Glasgow Watch

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Hi guys,

I'm law student originally from Thailand. I'm 24 and going to study LLM at Universtiy of Glasgow. But now I can't find where to live yet and totally have no idea about life in Scotland, especially in Glasgow. As my concerns are about dangerous areas in Glasgow and the responses of Scotish people towards Asian students like me, does anyone have any idea for me?

Another thing i'd like to know, Has anyone ever heard about the Unite student accommodation named Gibson Street? Is it a good place in a safe area?

Any guidance as to other aspects of student life in Glasgow would also be very welcome here.

All advice will be very appreciated.
Thank you.
Foghorn Leghorn
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Hi, I'm a glaswegian.

Firstly I cannot say all glaswegians are tolerant as there is prejudice in every city in the world. However, on the most part glaswegians are some of the most welcoming and caring people you will ever meet. Hardly anyone here cares about race, skin colour, nationality etc. There are problems with religion but this is sectarian problems i.e. catholic and protestants and there is no reason that you will be roped into this. You being asian is in no way a problem for you when coming to glasgow, and infact we have a large asian population anyway, glasgow is actually a fairly diverse place. One thing about glaswegians is they give as good as they get so if you are respectable to them they will be respectable to you and vice versa.

Glasgow has a reputation with being violent etc, which puts people off coming however again although there are some quite violent places in glasgow it's in areas that are out the way and as a student you will probably not go anywhere near them. Most violent areas are in the outskirts of the city and surrounding areas. Gibson street, if I remember correctly is very near glasgow uni (only a few streets away), which is in the west end of glasgow. The west end is very much part of glasgows up market areas. The whole kelvin area is very lively and middle class/upper middle class, there's loads of places to go and have fun, lots of restaurants and it's all student friendly. The same goes for the city center which i'm sure you will visit all the time. The city center is only a couple of minutes on the subway which only costs about £1.20. You can also get a bus or if you are up to it you can walk. Again glasgow city center is very lively, it has loads of shopping second only to the likes of london. Plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, and just general entertainment. It is also very student friendly as the city center has two universities and a few colleges so plenty of place for students to hang out. If you are into your music then the music scene in glasgow will suit you perfectly because it has all sorts.

At the end of the day glasgow is very safe, however, it is also a city with lots of people and there is the potential for trouble, but honestly if you are sensible and don't go looking for trouble it is highly unlikely to find you.

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