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I want to study Geology at university, however I have no prior experience in the subject. My A Levels are Chemistry, Biology, Geography and German, so I am also slightly worried that I haven't done Maths or Physics (although I got an A* at GCSE).

I am currently trying to write my personal statement but I don't think that I have much to talk about which is related to Geology. Is there any reading/work experience that you would recommend? Or anything else that would look good?

Also, next year I have the opportunity to complete an EPQ which I will relate to Geology (this will give me something to talk about) but I am unsure of an exact title. I was thinking of something along the lines of 'How far does geological evidence support hypotheses concerning the causes of the Permian-Triassic mass extinction?' or looking at if the Earth is currently undergoing a sixth mass extinction. However I am unsure of how suitable these ideas are. Does anyone have any ideas on potential titles/questions?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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Your A levels are fine for geology. You have two hard sciences which meets the requirements for the majority of geology courses. Your A level in geography may also be counted as a science for some courses, or at least as a useful subject. While maths and physics are useful for a geology course, they are usually only essential for geophysics. Many courses will provide additional teaching to students in the first year who do not have important subjects such as maths, physics or chemistry.

If you can't get any relevant work experience don't worry too much as it's hard to come by and as geology courses are not the most competitive it is unlikely to be an issue. I don't know many people on my course who had any relevant work experience before the course. If you could do any kind of work/volunteering that involves being outdoors that would look good though. Maybe some sort of environmental project or something similar. I'm sure there's something you can say about geology, you have chosen to apply for this subject after all!

The EPQ is a great idea and your ideas sound fine.

EDIT: Might also be worth checking out the personal statement help forum. Threads are private and can only be viewed by PS helpers.

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