I'm just constantly down or angry atm. Watch

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I have no idea why either.

I'm back home during summer from brighton uni and I'm just finding myself constantly angry and unapproachable. I was quite happy when I returned but things have definitely changed with me.

If anyone tries to talk to me I just don't really bother with them or just ask them pointless questions. Then again most of the people in my hometown (boring village) just constantly try to outdo each other girlwise, drinkingwise and such. No intelligent conversation really.

My mum has noticed it and keeps asking me what is wrong with me. Today I just got pissed off at her cos she kept pestering me with questions.

I just don't understand why I'm so miserable atm, I can't play games, I can't concentrate on guitar practice, I can't go out clubbing/drinking due to being skint, can't socialise because everyone here has girlfriends thus boring.

I go on walks and such when its sunny and take pictures but I've done it so much now it just the same routes so not much point taking pictures.
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I would suggest that you have spent a year studying doing uni stuff and trying not to balls up any assignments, now this is over for a while you are thinking that stuff I used to do before I started Uni what was that? You have also changed in your self and the people you used to know have stayed how you remember them but you have changed from what you see as a whirring boozing hick in to more of what you see yourself becoming. As for intelligent conversation, you can find this anywhere if you learn their are of interest but I agree conversation is thin on the ground.

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