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Anonymous for obvious reasons:

Reading another thread about condoms and fit really made me mad. So many people (I suspect women, who last I checked don't have penises and therefore can't comment) talking loudly that 'one size fits all' is fine. It is not for 2 very obvious reasons.

1. to fit big guys, the latex has to stretch. The more it stretches, the more it hurts. That's why we don't have just one size of stretchy shoe, or stretchy clothes (or for the same penis-less girls - one size of stretchy bra). Stretch is bad and I imagine feels like putting an elastic band on your penis, which doesn't for a second sound like fun. Given sex is meant to be pleasurable, and pleasure is akin to comfort.. it's fairly obvious that too much stretch is going to impact on your sex life.

2. to fit small guys, like myself, the latex can't shrink to fit. So a one-size-fits-all model means condoms are too big and will slip off, defeating the object of wearing them.

After nearly 5 years of sex that was often ruined by a condom not staying in place, I found a solution - it's a British company who make custom fitted condoms. Their logic quite frankly is impeccable - the less you compromise on fitting, the more pleasure you get when wearing the condom. I can confirm the idea works amazingly well in practice.

So, to the penis-less women who really shouldn't be commenting (do I ever tell you how comfortable your bra feels?) or to the men who either aren't having sex/using condoms, or happen to have a perfectly one-size-fits-all-condom-sized penis, please stop talking with such conviction that one size of condom is perfectly adequate.

Men who complain about condom fit are not bragging about the size of their willies (although some will naturally have large ones - just like some people have big feet, or are tall.. that's how nature works). It can also mean they are smaller than average. In fact as if to prove my point ENTIRELY here is a survey in 2010 where 45% of men made a complaint about how a condom fits:

So it seems the British company with a really obvious name is onto a really smart idea.

<end of rant>
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Am i correct in thinking the company you refer to is theyfit?

If so, I have been posting about them in a number of other threads, having been very satisfied with both the product and service after having less success with 'of the shelf' condoms from a number of brands.

Further more my girlfriend who found out about the company thought another friend also finds the experience far better.

I tried a few sizes before settling but even the first fit was far better than a durex.

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