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Hello everyone

I thought there should be a thread for all of the diabetics out there. Feel free to post your experiences with diabetes, plus any questions or helpful tips like diabetic-friendly recipes and whatnot.

I'll share my story, feel free to post yours

I was 14 years old when I started to feel 'not right'. I was thirsty all the time, peeing all the time, constantly tired. My weight plummeted over the course of a few months and as a result, I was gorging on cakes, crisps, bread, chocolate and drinking Coke to try and put weight on, not realising this was actually making the situation worse. I was quite a shy teenager so I didn't feel comfortable telling anybody about how awful I felt all the time. When my weight eventually hit just under 6st, my mum took me to the doctors where I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It's pretty strange but I'm the only person in my family and extended family that has diabetes so it's not a genetic thing with me. My family have always been supportive though and helped me through the initial shock and adjustment to a new lifestyle.

I'm now 25 and I've got everything under control. Sometimes I struggle with exercising and controlling my blood sugars (for example I'll have hypo's at the gym or just after a workout) but I'm trying to improve this and get them regulated so I don't crash after exercising.

Please feel free to PM me or post in this thread if you have any questions regarding diabetes or need a bit of support.
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I will keep an eye on this thread!

I had just come back from two months backpacking in the summer of 2010 when I was diagnosed. I'd felt crap for the last week of my holiday and I'd just had to spend my whole last week in bed, but I just thought I was I'll with a virus or something. Then I got back and felt crap for another few days and thought it was jetlag. It was only when I woke up five times in one night cos I needed the loo that I realised what was wrong with me. Checked my blood sugar on my friend's dad's meter and it was 32.7, off to a&e!

I feel crap with it at the moment, I'm just not very good with it. Just got a new meter from the GP surgery today which calculates your bolus requirements so I'll see how that goes. It look miles too complicated to be something I'd use long term though

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