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A bit long winded...

I've just finished my first year and I struggle with depression and anxiety. I did really well in my January exams gaining a first in all of them even though I did have trouble going to some lectures but my condition got so bad that I didn't attend any lectures or field trips in the second semester, in fact I barely left my room for a few months.

I had a disability adviser who I tried contacting about my situation near the final exams but received no reply. I ended up missing 2 exams due to not feeling able to leave my room.

I've received my results and I failed 1 of the exams (by 1%) and have to do resits of the 2 I missed and I also have 2 pieces of coursework to hand in that I didn't during the year due to missing field trips.

Due to personal circumstances and changing a lot in my life, I am feeling a lot better and it's as if the past year has been a daze and I'm not ready to take on University. But there is no way that I can revise for 3 exams and complete 2 pieces of work in month. If I had attended the lectures maybe it would have been possible but I don't have any idea on the subjects.

I just wanted to ask opinions, I feel that for me, it would be better to just start the course again, if that's not allowed do they allow you to restart the second semester?

I've phoned my university's advice centre and they said to contact my tutor but in the past when I've contacted her, she has been very short with me and not helpful. When asked if I had to hand in a PMC form for the missed exams because I read that if you have a support plan you may not have to, she just replied with "i hope that you have handed one in ASAP".

I know people have a "false start" to Uni and they tend to move course/uni but I just want to start this one again. I feel that I am ready
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I think under the circumstances you should apply to redo your first year, they may allow you to only retake the modules you've failed.

I was very ill in my third year as an undergraduate, I managed to pass two modules because they were entirely coursework based and the deadlines were before I really became very sick, I was allowed to redo the two other modules I failed as well as my dissertation. The only stipulation was that I did not resubmit work previously submitted for those modules so in one case it meant redoing a piece of coursework and choosing a different essay question from the list. As I hadn't submitted my dissertation I was able to continue working on the same project and submit it in the resit year.

However I will add that the decision my uni made was based on my personal situation and different uni's may have different rules.

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