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So I guess it sounds silly but i've been with my boyfriend for 18 months, and I cant shift the feeling he's not that into it?
The thing that gets me the most is his lack of want or need to see me. There will be days where we are both off work and doing nothing but lazing about our own houses, and when I suggest going out he says no, and I know full well its because he saw me just recently (like 1/2/3 days ago), not because he's busy or committed to anything.
Everyone I talk to about this says it's odd, and all my other friends in relationships see their partners however much they want and neither of them feel it's too much.

I can't tell if i'm being rational or clingy about this, but i've spoken to him and he's told me he loves me and love seeing me etc..but never seems to change?

Is this normal or do I have something to worry about?

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He might have done something that he felt might hurt you and now he feels guilty about it, or maybe he's moving away and he doesn't want to see you because it will be harder for him if he leaves, why don't you try doing something that he likes, for example perhaps playing halo on xbox, which should get you back into how you were before.

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