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    Hi guys can anyone help me with the analysis of the poem below. I am able to do a general overview of the poem but i am struggling with line analysis and analysis of the metre, etc. Thx, ive pasted the poem below.

    by John Donne

    WHEN my grave is broke up again
    Some second guest to entertain,
    —For graves have learn'd that woman-head,
    To be to more than one a bed—
    And he that digs it, spies
    A bracelet of bright hair about the bone,
    Will he not let us alone,
    And think that there a loving couple lies,
    Who thought that this device might be some way
    To make their souls at the last busy day
    Meet at this grave, and make a little stay?

    If this fall in a time, or land,
    Where mass-devotion doth command,
    Then he that digs us up will bring
    Us to the bishop or the king,
    To make us relics ; then
    Thou shalt be a Mary Magdalen, and I
    A something else thereby ;
    All women shall adore us, and some men.
    And, since at such time miracles are sought,
    I would have that age by this paper taught
    What miracles we harmless lovers wrought.

    First we loved well and faithfully,
    Yet knew not what we loved, nor why ;
    Difference of sex we never knew,
    No more than guardian angels do ;
    Coming and going we
    Perchance might kiss, but not between those meals ;
    Our hands ne'er touch'd the seals,
    Which nature, injured by late law, sets free.
    These miracles we did ; but now alas !
    All measure, and all language, I should pass,
    Should I tell what a miracle she was.
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Updated: March 26, 2006
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