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well i think i really like the girl who sat next to me for the last 2 weeks in this internship, she just finished her work there yesterday and today I missed her so much at work. we are very close together in these last 2 weeks but I am not sure whether it will be okay/weird/awkward to ask her out, since I only knew her for 2 weeks and its almost the first time i like a girl not because of her appearance. the thing I am worried about is whether girls will say yes to a guy who only knew each other for 2 weeks and also she is 2 years older than me even though she is one year above me in uni (we are not in the same uni tho). she is 21 and i m 19 but i hv no dating experience...since i never thought i would settle down properly so i dont mind embarrassing myself, but how should i ask her out? invite her out for a coffee or lunch randomly, and then ask her out?? please help.
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Well you might as well have a go I say.

Do you have her email address/facebook?

If you do just send her a casual message asking her how she's getting on, what she's doing at the moment? Tell her about what's been happening at the internship since she's left. If you have any funny stories or office gossip throw it in.

Chat to her for a bit and then just casually ask if she'd like to meet up for coffee soon. Say that you really enjoyed working with and that it'd be a shame to lose touch.

If she agrees to coffee and it goes well maybe ask her for a proper lunch (more casual than a dinner) and say that it'll be "your treat" (that is if you can afford it). That'll be a sign that you mean it as more than just a friendly meeting. If she says know to that or makes excuses why she can't do it then that means she's not interested.

But if you genuinely like her, two years is not such a big age gap and you can but try your best.

Good luck, hope it goes well.
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(Original post by Anonymous)
i hv no dating experience...
There's your beef.

Guys who have little to no experience with women tend to feel the need to somehow add undue significance to every minor and hollow association they have with young women in their lives who appear friendly.

Just ask her out for a coffee or whatever as you said. No-one has ever honestly 'lost' status or whatever for having simply asked.

If anything the confidence shown will be to your favour, just be cool and try not to act as if the potential with her is somehow the most vital important thing ever.

She's a cool girl that you have taken a fancy to, if nothing comes of it oh well, other women will come along that peak your interest.

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