Male-Why does my hair grow so fast? Any ways to slow it down Watch

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This isn't a troll

I'm 17, male

I'm so hairy, all my hair grows so quickly. I had a shave yesterday and all of it's grown back

Also, I've noticed my head hair grows super fast, it's been 2 weeks since I had a haircut and my hair has grown fully back

I'm so hairy across my whole body, especially legs and arms

No-one else in my family is this hairy

I weight 13st 1lbs, 6 foot and exercise 5/6 times a week

Are there any ways to control this/slow the process down?

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Also, I plucked my mono-brow hairs out last night and most of them have started to grow back
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Have you got very dark hair? People with dark to black hair tend to be more hairy, or at least appear that way as it's more visible than fair hair. As far as I know, there's nothing you can do to slow down your natural hair growth speed. Remember that shaving does cause hair to grow back faster and thicker than before, so never be tempted to shave between your eyebrows etc. However, there are other options for smaller areas, for example eyebrows as you mentioned, such as laser treatment, but this can be expensive and is really only a last resort. Hope this helps
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