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hey im new but im stuck in depressio right any advice? Watch

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    Before you read this: i just want to say i am 15 and im finding it very hard to deal with them any advice would be very helpful! Im emo btw but dont normaly cut myselfxxxxx. Anyway i liked this girl called lauren she was in the lower year and shes a lovely girl. Anyway i liked her for so long i thought to myself that the 6 weeks off school is coming up summer hoildays last day this is my chance !!! I got my friend immy also in the lower year to give her this letter showen below: Laureni have been waiting to do this for a while but i have really liked you for such a long time you mean so much to me i just want to be with you. Your such a pretty girl and you mean everything to me everyday i think about you and i can't stop your such ano amazing girl everyday i wanna be with i hate the feeling when im not with you. You are the most amazing girl in the world. You make me feel so amazing everytime i look in to your eyes i feel so happy i really want to look after you and be there for you i would spend all my time in the world trying to make you happy the only thing i care about is you your the most important thing i care about your eyes are so perfect i love every part about you laurn yg ou have ano amazng personallity It's a beautiful day as I look in your eyes You have a wonderful way It almost makes me cryIt's hard to find the words To say what you mean to me So all I'm going to say is Will You go out with me laurenxxx. As you see the letter had no name !!!! Thats the cute part my friend told her that this guy would message her at 6pm but i got kicked off track because jess went on laurens facebook and sent me a message saying i like you too then lauren quickly said sorry that was jess being a fool. 5 days after i have given her the letter. I give my mate my facebook pass to send lauren a message i made because i was shy. The message is showen below: Hey lauren remember this ? It's a beautiful day as I look in your eyes You have a wonderful way It almost makes me cry It's hard to find the words To say what you mean to me So all I'm going to say is Will You go out with me. I love you so much baby xxxx

    lauren reply is showen below: you're a lovely boy justin, but i don't feel the same way:-/ the love letter was beautiful and it made me smile, but i'm sorry justin, i hope this doesn't ruin our friendship:-/

    my reply is showen below:

    Aha dont worry :lauren sweetheart! Aha and my friend was on my account and did it for me because i was shy aha. Okay babe dont worry. And yeah aha better not act awkward around me at school . Yeh this should not effect our friendship and aha dont feel bad either babe aha. Anyway im off now so cya xxxxx . You know what they say always smile no matter what situation

    i can't live without her tho i hate to go on and on but as i was typeig this i swiched to facebook quickly and she has a new photo omg i love her so much i can't take my life anymor ei ven got my lip pirced because of this i know i jave problems but i need lauren i love her so much im use toe nail clipers to cut myself with!!!!please help me some one!!! and on another note my friends haveall ditched me i don' have any friends now i speak to some people that are nice on facebook and bbm andstuff msn etc but i never go out anymor ei offer people but i always get rejected i know your gonna say nonne of this is worth it but you don't understand how imfeeling at the moment yahoo my mate jacob had a sleepover invited the gang but not me wtf ??? i always havehelped him with things and cheering him but he can't even re pay me or anything? i love you lauren ! ianna push her on a swing so bad i really am in love this depression is getting worse min by min some 1 please give me some helpful advice on these questions thank you

    To get over the girl you need to get her out of your life.... I know it sounds mean but it will actually help.
    As far as your friends are concerned just talk to them and ask them why they are treating you that way and that might clear the air a bit...
    Also you need someone to talk to and someone who can help you get over this so you need to make a friend who you can message and talk to at anytime who could understand how you feel and would be ready to help :-)
    You probably think its not going to help but you can atleast try because self harm is not the way forward because the true meaning of love is to give..
    And you never know a few years later she might like you in that way too :-)
    Good luck and hope I helped and message me if you want to talk :-)

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    I agree you need to get her out of your life. Also you said your an emo? Maybe your friend didn't invite you down to peer pressure from the rest of the group. They might not understand what being emo entails or why you act they way you do. Maybe just talk to them and explain what your going through. If you trust them and they're good friends they will help you through this. P.s don't pester this girl just give her space and time. Maybe try a new look, get new friends and find a new girl this will help get over it all. Xxxx hope it works out.

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Updated: August 2, 2012
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