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Just to say "good luck" in your revision & exams next week. I'll be thinking about you and hoping you do brill! Thank you so much for helping me- throughout my revision- right since I started revising about 2 months ago! Have'nt got any other exams. Just waiting to hear if I've been accepted to uni!
Just remember - all work(revising) and no play (getting drunk now & again), made Jack a dull boy!!
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I'll save the pub till I've finished my exams but thanks for the tip. If I work hard now, I can relax a bit more (apart from having to work) rather than having to come back to resit...I'm determined not to do that. Glad you did ok. Hope you get into the uni. You deserve to get in with the amount of work you have done. If I can help anymore just say. Hopefully I'll still be here next semester and I'll pop in now and again during the holidays.
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