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Ok so I'm going to apply for mitigating circumstances (at uni 2nd year) because I feel my symptoms of anxiety seriously effected my exam performance of 3 exams I took on 3 consecutive days.

Note I have IBS/ a concession for 10 mins an hour to go to toilet etc. Basically I had seriously bad diarrhea for three days/ couldn't sleep at night due to stress/ worry for this time. On the first morning, I had felt very sick and kept retching, I had massive breakdown I started crying then started throwing up. I went into the exam like a headless chicken, feeling seriously tired. The next day I was also sleep deprived, felt sick but wasn't, i also felt very dehydrated/had a headache, i was trying to drink lots of water but I think the continuous diarrhea and needing the toilet every 30 mins was what made me so thirsty. Third day again I got very little sleep, I was trying very hard to be calm but it didn't seem to be working, I was feeling so scared quickly trying to take in some notes, then I noticed (even though I hadn't felt I needed the toilet) that I'd wet myself. I got into the exam again feeling sick/ tired, my memory was so bad.

Note, the doctor is aware I have issues with anxiety (i have beta blockers, but they didn't help). Also my Ibs never usually causes my tummy to play up this much! Also I had revised plenty, for nearly one month and a half before the exam. These were deferred exams due to illness before. This meant if I failed any exams I would have to wait nearly a year to retake, this was causing me more worry and concern than usual. I also have problems with general fatigue and am anemic which the doctor is aware of which often effects my concentration. Although I haven't mentioned this to my doctor or tutor, I also have some personal problems, my dad's shop was burgled twice this year/ i also had my bike stolen at uni. My dad has had a lot of financial problems due to robbery and no insurance and there's been a lot of stress. My parents (who are divorced) have also been arguing over problems with shared morgage and mum mum keeps saying she will take him to court. My mum has also shared info with my about her bf being an alcoholic and lending 6000 pounds and not giving it back. My grandmother also gave us a shock a couple of months ago ago and very nearly died. I have had a year of hell, which i think my have brought on my anxiety, i want to do well to help the people in my life and I am soo scared of failure.

So yes basically I'm worried I'll fail my exams or get low grades and I dont think I have met my potential due to my problems, do you think I have a case to resit if I fail and not get just 40% and be able to take it as if it was first time. Or if I just pass will they take into account my low grades are due to the illness (I got good 2.1 in first year, and didnt suffer the issues with anxiety) . I was also wondering if anyone knows if there is a possibilty to take a year out and get myself back on track, I think the stress is seriously going to effect my health. Any advice/ people who had a similar situation it would be great to hear from you. Thanks

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