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Best A-levels to take to do a nursing degree?

I would like to be a paediatric nurse. At the moment I only have 5 C grade GCSE's and a level 2 BTEC diploma in Health and Social care. Which would be the best A-levels to take to do a degree in nursing?

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Biology, Pychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care, maybe Philosophy and Ethics for a change...
I'd say Biology would be a definite because then you'll have a head start when you begin the degree.
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Ive done biology chemistry language and ict (: i think you should have a science as more and more universities want this and it should be biology,, ict skills are needed quite often and i think health and social care, law, psychology or sociology would be useful (: pm me if you would like more advice x
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Im doing History, English lit, psychology -recently dropped ICT and am now taking Biology. I highly suggest taking Biology from the start.. I made that silly mistake and now have to pay £400 for a correspondence course to make up for it -.- Most universities don't really mind what combination you have as long as you have at least one science- psychology sometimes doesn't count.

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I know a few people that want to be nurses, this is what they're doing, subjects in brackets are what they dropped at AS.

Biology, maths, pe, (chemistry)

Biology, maths, psychology (chemistry)

psychology, H&SC, biology (sociology)
I did Biology, chemistry, psychology and law. I'd probably swap law for sociology if could go back.
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Yep, sociology is a good one, as is any social science, for example politics. It shows awareness of what is going on outside the industry as well as building an understanding of people in general, and as nurses work with all kinds of people this can only be a good thing.
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Id definitely say do biology
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I took Chemistry (extremely difficult and involves a lot of maths) , Biology and Sociology and have just been accepted for Adult Nursing Studies at Teesside.
Another option for you would be to do a triple award BTEC in health and social care. A lot of the girls who applied for nursing from my college did that and got in. Some took a double award and did 1 A Level on top. Its a good way to boost your UCAS points because it doesn't rely on an exam.
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I'd go for a combination from Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Maths, English of some form, ICT. They all provide skills and knowledge you will need.

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Having completed my nursing degree last month I'd suggest taking the obvious - biology. I'd also suggest psychology and sociology (at least one) as I had dedicated modules related to both. These being sociology of health and illness and health psychology and behaviour change. Presuming you're going to do 4 I'd go for English because it will help with all the essay writing. If you hate English or aren't very good at it then just pick one you will enjoy.

When I started 3 years ago the entry requirements were BCC including a science or social science. I had sociology so it was fine but I do wish I'd picked biology at A-level as it would have made things a lot easier in Anatomy and Physiology as I'd have had the basics from A-level.

The requirements at my Uni changed while I was studying to BCC including biology which would mean that if I applied now I'd not be accepted as I only have a social science. So check what the places you'd consider are asking for and base your decision around that.

I did the degree at University of Manchester with A-levels in Law, business, sociology and English lang - all grade B.

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My sisters a adult nurse and she did the 3 year diploma which she got £500 a month bursary. Her GCSE's are a good standard but she has no A levels and got on it and is now an A+E full timer. I don't know what you need in grades to specialize though in Pediatric nursing though- hope this helps and good luck! x
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My sisters a adult nurse and she did the 3 year diploma which she got £500 a month bursary. Her GCSE's are a good standard but she has no A levels and got on it and is now an A+E full timer. I don't know what you need in grades to specialize though in Pediatric nursing though- hope this helps and good luck! x

The Diploma is being fazed out now, as by 2016 all newly qualified nurses must have a degree. I think this year is the last year that the dipolma is running, although I think some universities discontinued them before.
I'd choose from a few of these subjects:

Biology- a must
Any Language
Health and social care (if offered)
Any Humanities...
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I would only recommend biology and then chose subjects which you enjoy and will do well in.
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hello ive just been accepted for a place to do paediatric nursing,

it is not essential to do biology but it will obviously give you a head start! for my a levels i took sociology, and ive done an extended project that counts as 2/3 a levels. just as long as you chose something that can relate to nursing in anyway you should be fine!
When people ask me about what a-levels to take i would always say do the ones you enjoy. Do the subject where you like the teachers if you know them. It makes a huge difference.
For nursing, some universities want atleast one science subject, often biology is preferred, so take biology if you want to, but if you hate it, don't. Biology is also really hard if you're not willing to work: I have 12 above C GCSE's and I really struggled in biology.
The reason for taking subjects you like is that you have to revise. Revising is a must at a-level and if you don't like the subject, you won't revise it as well as you should so therefore don't do as well. Apart from the biology for some universities, most just want any 3 a-levels, and as long as you get above a C in all of them, you've got a shot at getting in.
I would also advise taking at least one applied subject, but don't take 3. Applied subjects are generally easier but contain a lot of coursework, so hence taking 3 is a bad idea, too much coursework!

Good luck in what you choose!
If you don't want to do biology - don't. It's better to get a good grade in something like Sociology rather than a crap one in Biology. But I would recommend it though, but I know many people going to do nursing who have a mixture of Health and Social Care/Sociology/Psychology/Philosophy/ICT amongst others without a science. It all depends on the individual university.
When I went for the interview at the uni that I'm at now studying nursing, they did ask about my degree and masters (Biology based) but they also asked about my psychology A-level and I was asked if I had done any sociology which I hadn't at that point. So I would say that Sociology and Psychology are almost as important/useful as Biology. So far my Biology and Psychology A-levels have been the most useful (and parts of my degree).

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