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Would you like to be able to close your own threads? watch


    Well cant we PM a mod when the thread is no longer useful and get them to close it for us?
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    (Original post by Ollie)
    do you think that people will remember to close them after its a few days old?

    i think it has possibility to be abused.
    I know that there have been times when I've asked a question, and it's been answered. Yet more has been added to the thread which was not needed. In such instances, I think it would be useful to have just closed the thread having got a satisfactory response.
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    (Original post by rahaydenuk)
    Hmm... has many potential advantages, however it also has a lot of disadvantages. What if people decide to close threads since they're losing an argument or a debate? Just because you're the OP doesn't give you the right to cut off other peoples' debate within the thread. It could be very annoying to have an interesting argument cut short by a bad loser IMO.

    I think a better solution would be an automatic archival of threads after a certain age (i.e. moved to a seperate read-only forum). d did start doing it manually at one point, however that is clearly unfeasible. I'm sure a hack for vBulletin must exist... just got to wait for the board to be upgraded...

    Of course, there are two sides to every argument. I just wanted to run the possibility by everyone, hear what you thought.

    People closing arguments they are losing is a risk... but of course their comments and the thread will remain on the board and people will be able to start another thread of their own criticising person 'x'. Negative rep etc would I'm sure ensue. Don't know if many people would choose to close threads for that reason in practise... we wouldn't know unless we tried it?
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