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It is certainly more demanding than AS, and new skills like translation have to be acquired. However, you shouldn't find it too big a step up from AS.
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(i am ex-unregistered guest - last one to post)
i found the exams ok. i cant remember them too well - it was all kind of a haze, but i got to talk out loud to myself while writing them because i was all alone in the big hall apart from one teacher. that was helpful. my teacher explained the A2 syllabus to me today. for module 5 i think i'll probably choose the coursework option - is this a good idea?
on one hand i agree that it is bad that people are not learning languages, but on the other hand, i want to be an interpreter so i need them to not know the language. i feel a lil bad about this, but otherwise i will be sleeping in a ditch so hey! xx
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