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As my insurance -

1. Imperial - maths, optimisation and statistics
2. UCL - Stats, Operations Research, Economics, Foreign Language
3. Warwick - Maths, Operations Research, Stats, Economics

I've met all three conditions, so that's not a consideration at this point. Which course is better? and would selecting any of these as an insurance put me at a disadvantage to those who keep it as a firm? I read somewhere that firm choices are preferred for accomodations at UCL.

Career...I would look for a job in Investment Banking. So would being in London be better? And would UCL be better or Imperial in this regard?

Education... I would prefer something more maths-related or econs rather than just Stats. Does anyone know if the Warwick and Imperial course are going to be too highly stats oriented, in which case this wont affect my decision that much.

Social life... I'll try not to make this a very big criteria... but I would like to have some semblance of one.

Maybe, I might think of post grad at Cambridge or some decent US Univ. Should that affect my choice?

Internships, which place is easier to get summer internships?

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wow, that is a tough choice!
i'm in a similar position as you, only i didn't apply to UCL and i'm torn between imperial and warwick as my firm choice.

ANYWAY getting back to the point.
warwick's MORSE course is basically a maths degree, but with its physics/mechanics applications removed and replaced with applications in operational research, business, and economics. it offers exemptions (if you do it at a high enough level) from accounting and actuarial exams, if you're interested. the course is highly modular, so you can choose to do as little or as many stats modules as you like. in fact you could still do physics modules if you wanted to! warwick has good ties with american universities because they somehow got involved in their founding (i think!) so i'd think that you'd have a good chance of doing postgrad there.

i don't know much about the courses from imperial and UCL that you mentioned (although i do know a few things about Maths + Mgmt at IC), i only know that imperial has better facilities than UCL for maths. imperial is the best known uni out of the three though, so it might help if you want to do postgrad overseas. try looking on their websites to see how much stats is in their course content.

accommodation: i know warwick and imperial only start allocating on/after results day, but i read somewhere on TSR that UCL have an early ballot for people who made them their first choice in June. i'm not sure, maybe someone who actually applied to UCL can confirm this!

i have read that investment banks recruit and headhunt at ALL these unis, so i don't think you'd be at a disadvantage at all going to Warwick.

can't comment on social life, because obviously i haven't been to uni yet!

internships: again, i can't comment, but i think you'd have no problem because they are all excellent unis with great employment records.

wow this is a long post. i have too much free time on my hands!

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