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Who is the best ALL ROUND footballer at the moment?

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I'm a big De Rossi fanboy so I'll give him a shout. However, I can't honestly say I think he's better than Yaya. They're comparable, certainly: same age, similar playstyles, close height, and so on.

Besides those two, I would've said Dani Alves but he didn't have the best of years last season. Again, same age as the above two (29). There's just something about players in their prime... :sogood:
Original post by Mess.
I couldn't really imagine Diaby excelling anywhere but the centre of midfield :beard: He would never do much up-front or as a defender.

I don't think he'd make a great centre back. But he could definitely play behind the striker, he has a eye for a pass and is an amazing dribbler. He used to play on the wings for arsenal back in 2007/2008. While I don't think he's too versatile ( in terms of playing multiple positions), his attributes certainly make him an all round centre mid. But theres never been question marks over diaby's talent, its his fitness. If he stays fit for more than a season however, he's probably off to PSG or City.
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James Perch is pretty decent like.
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The only man to have played in every position on the pitch in the Premier League era. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you John O'Shea.
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Original post by RVNmax
I'd say Gerrard is still up there at the moment. I would actually prefer him playing on the right wing out of all positions.

Not that I've seen him play in many positions but I would bet on Thomas Vermaelen to play well in most areas of the pitch.
Plus Branislav Ivanovic for similar reasons

Although I agree with Gerrard being at his best on the right ring, absolute lolz at him being the best all round player in the world at the moment
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Original post by scotttb
Although I agree with Gerrard being at his best on the right ring, absolute lolz at him being the best all round player in the world at the moment

name me more than 3 players who are better than him in CM, CDM, CAM, ST, LM, RM, RB. I can't!
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Alex Song
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Player who can play a number of positions: Kwadwo Asamoah. Player with good all round attributes: Yaya Toure.
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It usually is a tall powerful midfielder who´s solid defensively and capable of going foward.

E.g: Touré, Ballack, Viera...
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Original post by johnharris19944

Pique when he goes up front :ninja:

Gareth Barry probably deserves a mention :holmes:

Noone on Yaya's level though. Such a tank ffs.
Dani Alves is the only player I've literally ever seen to start up front, midfield and in defence in recent years in different games. So on that I'll nominate him, plus I think he's a great player anyway.

Yaya Touré is a great player too though, can't argue with all the nominations for him really
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At the moment It's got to be Yaya Toure. The guys a tank on the pitch.
At this very moment,

1) Yaya Toure
2) Xabi Alonso
3) Fellaini
4) Dembele
5) Moutinho
6) Busquets

Maybe Wilshere in the future?
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Yaya. Beast.

One man spine for City tbh. If he went, they'd be screwed.
Original post by Mess.
As in the player who could easily slot into the most positions on the pitch and still give a very decent showing.

For instance, at his peak Gerrard could easily play right wing, attacking mid, striker, CM, RB and likely CB. And it is very likely he still would have been one of the best players on the pitch in each of those positions.

(we can discount the GK role if people wish).

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