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Confused on OCR question A2 Biochem watch

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    Triolein, the triglyceride found in olive oil, has the moleculuar formula C57H104O6. When some triolein is hydrolysed with an enzyme, only two compounds are formed. calculate the molecular formula of these two compounds. (by the way its hydrogen 104 and then oxygen 6)

    The answers are: C3H8O3 and C18H34O2

    how on earth did they get that answer??! :confused: i don't understand?!
    pretty please help me anyone :suith:

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    Hydrolysis means "breaking apart with water", although usually dilute acid or base is used to speed up the process.

    Esters are hydrolysed giving alcohols and carboxylic acids (with acidic hydrolysis) or aclohols and the sodium salt of a carboxylic acid (with NaOH hydrolysis)

    oils and fats are triesters that contain three R'-COO-R'' groups
    the only difference is that in oils the long carbon chain (R' in this case)contains some unsaturation - (double bonds)

    the original base triol is CH2(OH)CH(OH)CH2(OH) and as you can see this is the molecule regenerated on hydrolysis of the tri-ester.

    This means that three unsaturated carboxylic acids molecules are also generated but as they all have the same structure it means that there is only one product:
    CH3CH=CH(CH2)14COOH (the position of the double bond cannot be ascertained from the information given)


    Soap is made by hydrolysing glyceryl tristearate (a triester)


    where R is C17H35CO-

    on hydrolysis this gives glycerol CH2(OH)CH(OH)CH2(OH), more correctly known as propan - 1,2,3 -triol

    and sodium stearate C17H35COONa, more commonly known as soap!
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    thankyou kindly :suith:
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Updated: April 8, 2006

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