Anyone here doing BA Ling/Lit Q1Q3? Help needed. Watch

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Okay I need some advice...
Basically I've been offered a place to do this course at York but I originally applied for English Literature. I do both English Lit and Lang separately at A Level, got AAAAb at AS Level and predicted 3As. I want to go on to become an English teacher- that's definite. I just don't know what course would be better. I've had an offer from Leeds for English Literature and Language BA Eng and that's the one I'd choose if it wasn't York.
I really dunno what to do...I mean, I love all aspects of English (perhaps with a tiny preference of Literature) but I just want to know what would look better to employers of English teachers- BA LingLit or BA Eng?
Also for current students- what are the worst and best aspects of this course? And how easy is it to transfer to a slightly different course, say BA Eng/Ling (equal) once you're there?

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