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(Original post by jb_sweden)
People that get used often let it happen. Show your mark. Say no. Get some balls. Start drinking Jack Daniels.
Comepletely disagree, the "friends" should not be using him in the first place. They are wrong, not guest1984, using people is a bad quality, being nice is a good quality.
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(Original post by jb_sweden)
Guys, seriously, stop whining. You have only yourselves to blame. Either you're not good at finding decent friends, or not good at keeping them, or something else. One doesn't deserve a lot of stuff here in life, there's no rule book that says what you could expect from life - one is responsible for making oneself get what one wants.
Thats a really harsh thing to say. I read this thread because i thought when the ditched thing, it was about being screwed by someone in a relationship. Because I can really sympathise with that, I keep getting screwed around by guys and getting hurt. Is that my fault? According to you yes, because I'm not good at finding decent guys.
But life doesnt work like that, and we dont always hang out with people who are good for us, or fall for guys that will treat us well. Just because theres no book stating we must have a good life, doesnt mean that people dont deserve better.
You sound like an existentialist.... in my opinion you cant always be held reponsible to get what you want, because sometimes our circumstances or facticity prevent this. We just do the best with what we have.

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