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Confused again watch

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    Lets say ive made a stupid mistake.

    Well i know its often said that guys in some cases find it hard to differentiate between a potential female friend/girlfriend.
    Ive been told before that just because you like a girl doesnt mean you have to go out with her.

    Well i've possibly realised this too late.

    Ive been seeing somebody for a while, and lets say its developed to a point where i have the impression its only a short step away from becoming a relationship.
    I got a bit drunk a few nights back, and in my drunken thoughts i took a disjointed look at myself and realised i see her as more of a friend figure than a gf.
    Even after sobering up my concerns remain the same.
    I find she has an amazing personality, but the physical attraction just isnt strong enough to make it feel right.

    If this is the case i'm well aware that ive been kinda stringing her along, but only due to my own confusion. And now im terrified of hurting her feelings.
    Or do people think im stupid and think maybe theres room for development here? I just dont know. And being unsure is very bad right?

    Any help appreciated thanks.

    Well you need to go with your instincts on this, you see her as just a firend leave it at that. You don't what to lose her if you went out and she turns out not to be the one for you, then you lose a good firend. But if you stay firends and not complicate things then you can stay firends. I hope this helps you
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    Just tell her, I am sure she will understand
    I would probably go for it (if I was a guy hehe), just because she isnt to your liking physically, you like her personality and you btoh get along.
    Just give it a go, and if it all ends then you know, because now, your just assuming it aint going to work out
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    Ok well . .
    maybe to help me out further people could explain how i can tell the boundary between having a girl as a friend or as a girlfriend?

    I never seem to figure this properly - how can i tell whether i genuinely like her or shes just a good friend but im confusing intimacy with a friendship?


    Use and abuse. :pwnd:
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