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I received a note today telling me the STEP tutor at Manchester Grammar would be willing to let me sit in on his class, if the "7 day week alternating day timetable" was not a problem.

Can anybody tell what the hell this means?

For some reason, this prospect scares the crap out of me, despite being an absolutely brilliant opportunity.
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At manchester they have a seven day timetable, so instead of having certain lessons on a monday, certain lessons on a tuesday etc, they have day 1, day 2, etc to day 7. This means that on one week, day 1 will be monday, day 2 tuesday, etc through to day 5 friday. The monday of the next week will then be day 6, tuesday day 7, and then wednesday day 1 you don't always have the same lessons on the same day. my school recently changed to doing the same, it's not great for work exp. etc cos it's like, i'll be in mon this week, wed the week after, etc.
Hope this made's damn confusing...specially at 8 on a mon when you can't remember what lessons you've got.
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