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Mrs Aleem
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It has been seen as a fact that in order to be selected as a University teacher, one does not have to bring credentials regarding teaching skills to the job interview. This indicates that at this advanced level of imparting education, no formal teacher training or courses in educational methods are required.

Is it true that the selection criteria for teachers in higher education (universities and colleges) are based on subject competence only? Is no pre-service training in teaching required for a teacher intending to teach University students?

If true, why is it that teacher training at this higher level is not considered an essential element for evaluation of suitability of a candidate?

Some Universities and colleges seem keen on developing and maintaining the level of competence of their teachers to more effectively communicate with their students in the classroom and have teacher training councils for that purpose. However, they seem to be few. Is such career development of teachers an issue for other universities and colleges too? Moreover, are there arrangements for pre-service training in universities?
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Report 16 years ago
Thats really interesting. I never knew anything about that. I suppose the only thing I can say is that university is totally different from school or college. Teachers in schools and colleges only have roughly 30 pupils to teach, they have to deliver a presentation but also set tasks for the class and check how they are doing. It involves a lot of discipline. However, in university, the lecturers normally just deliver their lecture at the front of the class and answer questions. They do not have to "socailise" with the students or have any contact with them. Furthermore, they do not dish out as much discipline at university, such as that at schools. Maybe this is the reaso why the training is not needed. The only contact I really have with my lecturers is in the lecture hall where I just sit and listen to them, or via emails if I have a querie.
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