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Northampton College is not very good as you have heard. i have been there for the best part of two years now and i am annoyede with the education in which i have been taught. lecturers often turn up to the lectures leaving students who travel with very little oppurtunity to learn as we learn of this upon arrival for the lecture.
also they have a tendancy to cancel lectures without letting you know.. if you go there you will be taking a big risk!!
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You are talking about the University or the College aspect. I know some people who go to the College part and aren't that bothered about it but no-body who has actually attended the University. I live in Daventry about 45 mins bus journey from the Uni/College. If you are thinking of applying to a College in the area, Ican tell you a bit about Rugby College and the 2 grammar schools in Rugby (Rugby High (all girls) and Lawrence Sheriff (all boys)) whoi have sixth forms. Rugby College is goodif you want independence rather than the general school environment. However, they can be unorganised which often affects your learning. I remember hat in my first year, we didnt have a psychology teacher for about 3 months? However, they got the idea after a while and if they couldn't get a sub teacher, they would leavework for you to do. The Grammar schools were completely different. My friends went to the all girls one and I had to do French lessons at the all boys one as the College didn't have enough people attending it to run the course. The basic difference is the discipline, you have to do your homework and say why you haven't been in etc. I felt a great deal of pressure to get my work done for the school before I did any for the college. They push you a great deal. It kind of depends whether youwant the freedom of college (which is closer to the freedom you get at uni) or teachers pushing you to do well. Hope that helps. I don't know very much about the other universities in the area but to be honest, Northampton University College has been laughed at in the surrounding areas. But that could just be because we live around it. Good luck to anyone applying.
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