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    (Original post by crescendo)
    Can you do 2 years at Open university, and then do your 3rd year at a proper university?

    (I'm not implying that Open university isn't 'proper' btw)
    Some unis may accredit your OU studies thus gaining you entry to the 3rd year, but it depends what you are studying.....

    (Original post by samd294)
    Yeah, I can understand how arts courses can run, but how do technical courses, like maths, which are going to require previous knowledge work? I couldn't believe it when I he told me that this material was actually counting towards a degree!
    Was he actually doing a maths degree? Lots of unis have maths modules to back up other subjects that are GCSE / A level standard.

    It's the same with languages, if you are doing beginners language module it will start off below GCSE level but still count towards your degree.

    OK going to be really anal now, but I am premenstual so live with it.


    The link is to what is taught at Birmingham uni as part of the computer science degree. About half of it is stuff I covered at O Level. Does that mean that Birmingham uni has a low standard? I doubt it. It probably means they are covering the maths needed for computer science, whether students have done that maths before or not.

    There will always be elements of a degree that someone else has done before at GCSE, A Level or known about from their working life. You cannot look at one piece of work from one student and dismiss an entire institution because of it.

    I'm curious to know what that level 2 course was actually. Sounds more like the level 1 courses although I never did any of those so I can't say for sure. I completed one level 2 course, M203 (Introduction to pure mathematics), last year which started off with an introduction block that had a couple of revision type things, then some basic ideas about groups. Then there were blocks on linear algebra, real analysis (2 of those), group theory and geometry.

    The unit list in turn was the following:

    Introduction block
    Mathematical Language
    Groups and Subgroups

    Linear Algebra Block
    Vectors and Conics
    Linear Equations and Matrices
    Vector Spaces
    Linear Transformations

    Analysis Block A

    Group Theory Block
    Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
    Isomorphisms and Homomorphisms
    Group Actions

    Geometry Block
    Affine Geometry
    Inversive Geometry
    Non-Euclidean Geometry
    Projective Geometry: Lines
    Projective Geometry: Conics

    Analysis Block B
    Power Series
    Differential Equations and Flows
    Proofs in Analysis

    How much of that is on the GCSE?
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