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    (Original post by hildabeast)
    Hmmm....it's so hard to compare them. I got a higher mark in philosophy overall than in history, but I think that's just because I personally got on well with it. Everyone else in my class said it was the hardest A Level they were doing, but then again there were only 7 of us. Also, philosophy had the highest drop-out rate of any A Level class in my year at college because it just isn't what people were expecting.
    Heh, yeah, the drop out rate tends to be pretty high.

    Once you "get it" though, the exams are terribly simple.

    (Original post by hildabeast)
    But the whole point of the synoptic paper is to show you have broad knowledge and understanding, so doing something you've covered in great detail might not be such a great idea from the examiner's point of view. I answered a question which was unrelated to any of the A2 topics I did and got 113/120.
    LOL, that's the idea yeah. That said, the examiner of Unit 6 doesn't know what else you've studied, and anyway isn't allowed to mark you down for it even if he/she did.

    (ps - dropping 7 whole marks? tut tut....)
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    What are the lessons like?
    I heard you discuss a lot, make your own notes, and just deal in the exam.

    i'm doing the AQA philosophy a level and studied theroy of knowledge, moral philosophy and sartre for the set text in my as year. personally i don't find it too difficult but thats becuase i'm genuinely interested in the subject. just make sure you know what you're letting yourself in for, lots of people on my course found it totally different to what they expected and ended up with D's and E's at AS.

    it's a really enjoyable subject and actually makes you think about things and question yourself. universities look on the qualification very highly from what i've heard and it's regarded as a difficult academic subject.

    (Original post by r316)
    I want to study medicine and have decided on A-level Chem., Bio., Maths. I just need a 4th, and have been advised to take an 'arts' subject for balance. My original choice, Latin, doesn't sound too promising- uni. people tell me that they'd prefer something more applicable to people nowadays.

    So I'm thinking of Philosophy. I'm not really an essay person is exams, but am doing well in History and English; and think that I'd find Sartre very interesting. I'd like to know- would people recommend Philosophy? And is it well respected?
    If you want to take Latin, go for it. Admissions tutors at any university'll realise that languages are a useful and impressive skill to have, whether living or dead. And Latin's just damn interesting.
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