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maybe instead of just "movement" say "muscle contraction"? I'm also not sure if you'd get marks for the bit about the sun. I know it sounds daft but biology is a ridiculously pedantic subject, you need to be totally precise :| I'm not amazing at biology but i did get a B at least so i'll try and help a bit, take it with a pinch of salt though i might be talking crap :L I'd look up the marking schemes and try to find extended responses that are associated with ATP because a lot of them are the same question but worded differently.
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(Original post by nerd434)
That seems like a really weird title, but I'm sure it's pretty much asking the same thing as all ATP related questions, forgive me if its not. If I was doing this essay I'd do three titles: Synthesis of ATP, Structure of ATP and Function of ATP. Whether those are correct or suitable is up to the teacher.

My Answer would be:


- ATP is produced during aerobic and anaerobic respiration of all organisms.
- net gain of 2 molecules in glycolysis.
- 2 ATP produced in anaerobic respiration
- 38 in aerobic.
- produced from ADP + Inorganic Phosphate.
- Immediate Usage, very low store in body,


- Contains three phosphates
- Energy stored between phosphate bonds.
- Energy released upon hydrolysis


- converts energy stored in glucose to a form useable by cells
- Store of energy energy for Respiration, DNA/RNA synthesis, Protein Synthesis etc (cellular functions) and also movement, maintaining body temp etc.

Obviously that's not perfect, but that should be enough Information for 10 marks if you throw it into an essay.

You would lose your coherence mark, talk about not directly related and you'll lose it. E.G "the ultimate source of energy can be traced directly to the sun;"

Also your essay is really really complex, you should try to be more simple, (Not overly so) to make your essay easier to remember (You'll probably try to remember standard essays for a lot of topics), allowing you to write your essay faster (You should be able to do these in 15 minutes) and potentially make your markers job easier aswell, remember they could be marking your exams late at night, too many big words might make them cranky

Anyway, your essay was really good, just keep in mind that you have to keep on topic.

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