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Spanish GCSE Oral Exam help :S watch

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    I've got my spanish oral in 2 weeks time, and I'm hoping for an A* overall, so it would be really good if I could get those extra marks in the oral, but I have no clue about any A* constructions. In French, we were given a list of constructions (apres avoir, venir de + infinitive etc.) but I don't know any in Spanish (or higher vocab/phrases). Can anyone help? :confused:

    Do you mean just complicated phrases that'll get you good marks?

    Subjunctive phrases...

    si tuviera... , podria... (if i had, i would)
    espero que + subjunctive -> espero que pueda comprar

    i'll have a think for some more

    Hay numerosas/os + noun
    Es decir que - that is to say that
    A mí me parece + adj.
    No solo…sino también - not only, but also
    Además de lo dicho - in addition to what has been said
    Antes de + inf - before ...ing
    Por lo tanto
    Por eso
    Por supuesto
    Por una parte...por otra parte - on one hand, on the other hand
    Sin embargo
    No obstante - nevertheless
    A pesar de - on spite of
    A la diferencia de - unlike...
    Tanto...como - both...and
    A primera vista - at first sight [i liked the hotel etc.]
    A causa de + noun - because of [a causa del tiempo, no puedo salir - because of the weather, i can't go out]
    Por consiguiente or consecuencia - consequently
    De hecho - in fact
    En cuanto a - as far as X is concerned
    De todos modos - anyway
    Mientras que - whilst
    Estoy en contra de /a favor de/ de acuerdo con
    Tras + inf. - after also después de
    De modo/forma + adj. - in a X way [e.g. de modo rapido]
    Acabar de + inf. - to have just done something
    Al + inf. - on ...ing [al llegar... = on arriving...]
    Así que /puesto que /ya que - since/because etc.
    Volver a + inf. - to do something again [vuelvo a hacerlo = i'm doing it again]
    En vez de /en lugar de - instead of
    Además de + inf. - as well as
    Depender de - depends on
    Consistir en - consists of
    Soñar con - to dream about
    Primero/ segundo etc.
    Lo que importa es que - what matter is that [lo pasé bien]
    No tener más remedio que + inf. - to have no other choice but to...
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    Yep, I do mean just any complicated phrases that would be ok to use at GCSE level. Thanks for your help, now I can start writing my conversation answers

    Ask the teacher what is required from you in order to obtain that higher grade. Leannemann has offered some fab phrases. Watch out for phrases which take the subjunctive e.g en caso de que or a menos que. Eg sentence: No pueden asistir a menos que los padres tengan dinero. Meaning: They cannot attend unless their parents have money.
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Updated: April 19, 2006
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