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Did Georg Cantor get it wrong?


The Greatest Oxymoron in Existence.

Before I try and explain my point of view please understand I am NOT a mathematician, nor do I possess any diplomas that qualify me to attempt answering this question.

I apologize for any uneducated errors.

What I believe Cantor found was the infinite possibilities within the number "1".
One explains itself and every other number including the infinite possibilities within itself, like fractions, which I believe is Cantors greatest find.

However his proclaimed Absolute Infinity is restricted by the number 1, a 100% complete (bounded and ended) value.

(1) = (100%) = (∞)


Absolute Infinity must be boundless and endless and defined in Mathematical language as

Yet when we add the Bound/end/restriction "()"

then am I wrong in my judgment about Cantors ideology?


Again I'm not stating he was wrong, just what he found has been wrongly titled as infinity.

It is infinite yes but....

not Absolute infinity or infinity in totality.

There is also another restriction of this one.

Mathematical Governing laws.

I congratulate all of you for dedicating your lives to my religion, mathematics.

Have you ever asked yourselves, what is the core of our language of logic?

If you think about it x, ÷ , √ , Etc are grouped and fancy symbols explaining the only two symbols that do exist

"+" and "-".

Addition and subtraction can explain every mathematical expression and symbol.
These two symbols also are only derived due to the existence of the number 1.

It's either the entity or value exist and added then eventually ceases to exist and taken away.
Any entity or value that is added can never not exist or become nothing, only the additional 1 that it supplied is subtracted.

Whatever this entity contributed or any other additions they reproduced while existing still remains, even if it itself, ceases to exist.

I mention the word "reproduced" for a reason.
To actually create something using other "ones" is something you've designed, not created.

For example if we were to create a table, we (1) are using other materials (1+1+1) and we can only design it to a (1).

The only way we can actually "create" something is with reproduction.
Reason is simple.

We are each an individual 1

Our bodies develop and emit 1.1

Our children becomes another 1

But always has this .1 from our 1.

Michael from Vsauce explains it well

So in actual fact a decimal point that is beyond the 100% of 1, is always a part of another 1, even though it developed within the 1.

We can also never become nothing because we were once something and nothing can not be subtracted unless it becomes an additional something.

This doesn't only apply to physical or tangible entities.

For example we can create (or add on) using our imagination. The unique imaginative something that we created exists at a certain time within your space so even if forgotten and never remembered again, it can never become nothing, only the addition it supplied is removed.

However even this imaginative something is still restricted and can only be created because of our experiences.
We can not imagine what someone else imagines nor can we conjure up something unimaginable because everything you imagine is subject to your experiences or, your moment in time within the space of your life.


If "1" is the restriction of Cantors ∞, or better expressed as


then the restriction of (1) would be + and -,

Our (1) is restricted by 100% and

( + | - ) is the other restriction of (1).

What so special about this (+|-) ?

This is the core of mathematics.

It also explains

Equal and opposite,

Positive and negative,

Addition subtraction,

Time space,

Proton electron,

Good Bad,

Right Wrong,

Light Dark

We can even say

Yin Yang.

All we have is equal and opposites and one can not exist without the other. Black exists because of white and vice versa.

Think of anything, chemistry, biology, physics even non scientific subjects like morale; you can even say from a materialistic morale point of view, water is our greatest asset, the reason for life yet, our greatest restriction.

Anything from a positive and a negative within a finite position can be explained quite easily.

Would you all then also agree this is

The Theory of Everything



In understanding this number 1 and the restrictions of mathematics that it must obey in order to be calculated, we also see the relationship between science and mathematics

That is mathematics studies the

(+ | - )laws to understand the (1) value.

Science studies the

(1) value to understand the ( + | - ) laws.


Quantum Mechanics states for nothing to create something, laws must be in place for nothing to produce something.

How do you explain this. Easy....

A law is something that governs its subjects. It is not an actual physical entity and can not be expressed as the value 1.
It is however an addition which must preexist our mathematical restrictions, as quantum mechanics states.

+ ( + | - )

Would it be wrong then if I state this is the equation of Quantum mechanics,

And this is what governing physics only studies (+|-)


I believe this is the never before seen link between Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Physics.

Even a law however is not nothing, but something. It is an action and must proceed an entity.

1 + ( + | - )

I'll ask another question to better understand what I'm implying

What is 1 added onto finite or 1 added onto Mathematics as the equation shows?
Different variations

1 + ()

1 + (1)

1 + (Maths)

1 + (e=mc2)

1 + (+|-)

1 + (logic)

1 + (finite)


Heres an example... Say we calculated everything and found the total answer,

Hypothetically say everything equals to 100, what is 1 added onto 100 or everything

It can not be 101

It must therefore be ∞

Quote: "If an object tries to travel 186,000 miles per second, its mass becomes infinite, and so does the energy required to move it. For this reason, no normal object can travel as fast or faster than the speed of light."

So now we have an equation

1 + (1) = ∞ or better explained

1 + ( + | - ) = ∞

The Actual True infinity or as I like to call this, The Omni Equation.

The number 1, even though it has ∞ possibilities, has a greater restriction, the "universal" law, mathematics. This also means we CAN NOT contemplate ∞ outside of our (), even though we have ∞ possibilities within 1

Now to really get to the best bit


First let me start by mentioning this,

We (1) have free will (+|-).

The 1=∞ outside of () does not tamper with (+|-). This falls under the category of "Miracle" which I will explain later.

We can do good or bad and imbalance the system.

When time of judgement comes =

and the judge 1=∞ outside of our (+|-)

You can potentially end up with + ∞ or - ∞


You've done 60% positive in total within your free will


1+(+60,-40) = + ∞ = Heaven

Or hell

1+(+40,-60) = - ∞

That would mean

1 added onto addition itself is + ∞

1 added onto subtraction itself is -∞

1 + (+) = + ∞

1 + (-) = - ∞

This also mean we can not even judge ourselves, only

1 = ∞ outside of () can judge.

Now let me show you different religious belief structures. We must understand that anything outside of the finite is hidden, incomparable and incomprehensible.

Let me explain it this way

1= ∞ outside finite, God


atheist, understand natural law exist


pantheist, the universe is God

(1= ∞ )

Buddhism, look within yourself to find personal Nirvana. Cantors ideology is somewhat a Buddhist belief.

1=+=(+|-) = ∞

Christianity, father (1) holy spirit (+) son (+|-) (holy spirit is the deliverer of Gods word, the son is earthly bound son)

However Jesus said in the Bible constantly

the father (1)

is greater (+)

than I (+|-).

I should also mention Christianity believes (1=∞) or Jesus who is the true God came to earth. This is very similar to the Buddhist belief however, Buddhism believes everyone has the potential of finding ∞ within themselves and Christianity believe only 1 character, Jesus had ∞ within him.

Also another similar religious belief is Hinduism where multiple (1=∞) can exist

By clearly looking at the restrictions of 1, (+|-)

We understand 1=∞ can never have any (). In other words, God can never be an oxymoron.

To understand a religious quote like, to be made "in Gods image" actually means to be made up of 1 but never his ∞.

Also the other Christian ideologies, like a part of God or begotten son of God, can also be explained

A part of God

God Is the only 100% ∞

If Jesus was .1% of Gods 100%

Then God becomes 99.9% and we become Godless.

Son of God

To have a child is an emission from yourself. We are given genes from our parents, not actual physical parts but a mathematical development of reproduction that is produced, then emitted. So it already is restricted by (+|-) and Absolute ∞ can not be within ().

Also an emission from yourself is always connected to you.
What I mean is,

As explained earlier

We are each an individual 1

Our bodies develop and emit 1.1

Our children becomes another 1

But always has this .1 from our 1.

The problem is God is Absolute ∞. If God developed then emitted rather than created, then God becomes a 1.1 at one stage and a 100% ∞ God, becomes a 110% ∞.

God can not be greater than God. He must be complete but Absolute ∞.

In all fairness to Christianity,

Not until the Nicene Creed was this error accepted. Athanasius's ideology prevailed Arius concept. When studied in depth mathematically, it is easy to spot that Arius's belief should have been accepted.

Also there are sections in the Bible that are more correct than our current accepted mathematics

For example

Genesis 1:1

...God (1) created (+) heavens ( ∞ ) and earth (+|-),

or the finite is within infinite, not vice versa.

Even though Genesis's further explanation maybe mathematically unsound, the first line is in perfect sync and actually proves wrong Cantor.



Surah 112,

In the name of Allah, 1=∞

The most Beneficent (saying thanks for the + in (+|-) to the ∞ beneficent)

The most merciful (asking for mercy for your - in (+|-) to the ∞ merciful )

Say he is 1 (1),

on all whom depend (+)

he begets not, nor is begotten (+|-)

and none is like him (∞)

The whole Quran is written with this theme, I have not found a single Chapter/Surah that falls outside of the vicinity of the equation. It explains God, what he gives to mankind, a positive and negative and the eternal end.
and so on....

The equation explains a lot of unanswered questions Like for example God does not change the mathematics, he could but won't. He does miracles by setting the mathematics before the creation is created, so Moses parting the ocean means the ocean already had its appointed time to part.

Even though it does not explain evolution, which I am a firm believer of even though I believe in God, (I can explain this religiously if required)

it does explain that Adams heaven must have been on earth because Adam is within the (+|-).

Also there is no such thing as original sin, we may have come because of it but are not subject to it.

The reason Adams heaven was considered heaven is due to him only being able to see the positives (+) within the (+|-) when he sinned the negatives were revealed.

I know so much more about the equation but I'll leave you all with this much for now.
God Bless

James Halil Ada

I applaud criticism.

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