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Things I Don't Like #2: When Hamsters Go Spontaneously Blind watch

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    When handfeeding one's hamster, one will usually put one's hand in a bag of hamster food, (in this particular case, peanuts) and pass an item of food to the hamster. Alas, after one's hand has been in the bag a few times one's hand may begin to smell like the food in the bag.

    This invariably means that when one retracts their hand from the hamster cage the rodent will, despite being able to see perfectly up until this point, go spontaneously blind and think "Agh! That peanut's floating away!"*, and, without so much as pausing to ponder the implications of an inanimate object levitating and escaping the cage of its predator, immediately bites one's finger, and, because it really wants the peanut (despite ample food being already available in the food dish), refuses to let go. What is more, it then looks perplexed when the "peanut" starts trying to shake it off.

    One's finger is now sore and one's hamster is still perplexed.

    * Translated into English from hamster language, obviously.

    What I don't like is when hamsters make me go spontaneously blind. Crafty buggers.

    (Original post by Stick Man)
    despite ample food being already available in the food dish

    Such greedy creatures :hmpf: though I must say, that has never happened to me.

    I just don't like things. And cows. Moo.

    I actually don't have an opinion on this matter.
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