Nelson Thornes Exam Style Questions Answers Watch

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Howardli2006 (or anyone else who needs this)

The person who originally shared the files had to change where they were stored (the new links and the reason that they changed them are explained below)

(Original post by Tullia)
I've taken the files and uploaded them to Dropbox without any restrictions on who is able to view or download.The problem with the links in this thread - which are now defunct - was that people were given full access to them and were for some reason removing files (perhaps in the process of taking the files I had taken time to collate so they could claim them as their own) and I wanted to maintain the integrity of the collated answers.Dropbox link: you have any requests for other material for A-level then please do let me know and I'll see if I have anything that might be helpful. And as always, let me know if there are any problems and I'll look to getting them resolved as quickly as possible.All the best with your studies.
Wish it was easier to get the answers rather than all this effort :/ Oh well, thanks to Tullia
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I can't download the answers. Can anyone help?

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