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    Can't wait to give this a try, I'm going to stick it on my old old laptop
    Tiny XP revision2
    A stripped down version of window XP pro
    With full DHCP support.
    Now you can use your wireless connection to access the net.
    eXPerience Proudly Presents...

    "TinyXP Rev02"


    [UK English Version]
    U.S. citizens will have to change their keyborad settings to U.S. settings after install.

    Boot from CD and do the clean install.

    Windows XP Professional Corp With Service
    Pack 2 + 29 Critical Hotfixes to 26.12.05

    Full Unattended Installation With 37 Tiny
    Standalone Applications (20Mb/190mb)

    Always BOOT FROM THE CD and install to
    a freshly formatted hard drive
    comes installed with

    GSpot (Codec Checker)
    MP3 Splitter & Joiner

    DVD Decrypter
    DVD Shrink
    Easy DVD Burner
    Express Burn (CD)

    Active Un-Delete
    CPU Bench
    CPU-Z (CPU Info)
    Dead Pixel Checker (for TFT)
    Disk Defragmenter
    Disk Speed
    Disk Temperature
    Handy Recovery
    RAM Tester

    Live TCP Viewer
    OffByOne Web Browser
    uTorrent Client

    Ad-Aware SE Personal
    CWS Shredder
    McAfee Stinger
    Startup Control Panel

    Change XP Key
    Dir To Text
    DLL Export Viewer
    Itty Bitty Process Manager
    Registry Monitor
    Space Monger
    Tiny Hexer
    Unstoppable Copier
    View Shell Extensions
    basically, it's windows, but very, fast and efficent

    you can get it off torrent sites, as obviously it beaks virtually every copyright law.

    bit more info

    Thank you for installing this stripped out (170Mb)
    edition of XP. The WINDOWS folder for this "TinyXP"
    takes up only 420Mb space on your systems hard drive
    and Windows TinyXP runs on just 60Mb of RAM. Windows
    XP usually uses much more RAM than this.

    All Included Hotfixes Were Updated On 26th December 2005

    99% of the functionality is left remaining in Windows.

    All important hardware drivers and other essentials
    have been kept in this release - You have joystick
    support, printer support and other bare essentials.
    "Microsoft SideWinder" support has been left in.

    You can use Microsoft Office with this Tiny edition
    of Windows XP, because the Jet Database Engine is kept.

    You still have MS Paint, Calculator and Wordpad.

    You still have XP's games: FreeCell, Hearts,
    Minesweeper Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.
    Internet games that were included in XP HAVE
    been removed in TinyXP.

    Internet Explorer has been removed from this edition,
    it is GONE! Included is a tiny standalone web browser
    (OffByOne or OB1) so you can at least access the internet
    to download a good browser like Firefox or Opera, both these
    great browsers are FREE and offer more security over Internet
    Explorer. The "core" of Internet Explorer HAS been left in
    this edition.

    The core player "Windows Media Player 6.4" is also kept,
    this should play most video files. If you want a really good
    and free media player, use "VideoLAN" player, this is not
    included in TinyXP because it takes about 20Mb of space but
    that is because it plays everything, even DVD's! Just visit...


    Included with TinyXP is a standalone BitTorrent client, uTorrent. This
    amazing BT client is only 130Kb and is packed with functionality.

    GONE also are all Windows noises like startup and
    shutdown noises, but audio does work. Remember, you
    can use Microsoft Office and you DO have support if
    you want to install a printer - also included is...

    DHCP - Kept! Now your "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol"
    will resolve all dynamic IP's properly (automatically)

    ETHERNET LAN DRIVERS - Kept! Now if you have
    a LAN card you won't have problems!

    FRONTPAGE EXTENSIONS - Kept! Now you can author websites with Frontpage!

    JET DATABASE - Kept! Now you can use your beloved Microsoft Office

    LAPTOP SUPPORT - Battery Support is kept, laptops are now supported!
    Rev 3 is out now, so all of that is out of date

    but yes, thought someone would think it's cool.

    Odd that it doesn't have an official website.. none that I can find anyway.

    Why not try sth even simpler, like Damsn Small Linuc (DSL) [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damn_Small_Linux"]?

    It is perfectly possible to stip out normal XP, I got XP Pro working on my P233/64MB RAM by stopping most the services running at start up. Everything is disabled apart from networking and the graphics drivers and other essential stuff.
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    (Original post by AT82)
    It is perfectly possible to stip out normal XP, I got XP Pro working on my P233/64MB RAM by stopping most the services running at start up. Everything is disabled apart from networking and the graphics drivers and other essential stuff.
    there's something more than that going on with this though, the registry is only 1.5mb,

    my mate runs it on his PC. at start up it used about 48MB/ram if i recall and it ran like **** off a shovel. bit rough round the edges of course as XP has been hacked to pieces and carved up with a rather sharp knife. couple of things dont work right and a few errors appear now and again but nothing too major.

    bit annoying to find it didnt have IE in it. it is actually quite useful...considering you cant download any other browser to the machine as you have no browser in the first instance. he had to get a copy of opera from me over the LAN...

    IE is also quite good to have sitting there for those fiddly things like windows update that seem to function a bit hit-and-miss on other browsers.
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