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Hello Guys,

Im going to study law part time coming this September and wondered what jobs would compliment the degree.This is only if i couldnt get a job with the cps or hmcs etc

Any help would be much appreciated
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I'm studying law part-time and working full time and my advice to you would be to go for as undemanding a job as possible, as it is really hard work balancing work and studying and if you have less stress at work, my opinion is that it will be easier to study.

I've worked as a legal secretary prior to the job I am in now and found most of the firms I have worked for don't really help you out with leaving work early and suchlike for uni, plus the jobs I had were extremely stressful, court deadlines, bundles to prepare, or people constantly on the phone wanting to know about what was happening when I worked for a conveyancer.

My current job is a nice stress-free environment, I work flexi time so can leave early to travel to uni, if I need time off for coursework it's no problem and I find it far easier to concentrate on studying as I have no hassle at work.

Some people might disagree, but from the firms I have spoken to and worked for, the job you do whilst studying doesn't matter so much when you are part-time and a mature student, as they appreciate the extra effort you have to put in, as you have less time in lectures (around 1/3 of what full time students get), plus you have work and families as well.

Sorry to have gone on a bit, but I hope that helps!

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