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    (Original post by jiefei_ma)

    in my country(China), only those who are scientist or staffs and students from key science universities have heard of Imperial.

    most people in my country have heard of the names of oxbridge, but know nothing about them i.e. they dont know the university of oxford or cambridge is made up of 30+ colleges, and some people (er..my senior high school teachers) even believe that the university of Cambridge is located in London :eek: !! umm, ridiculous enough? no, most of them believe the uni. of Birmingham is better than Imperial or LSE, cos they havent heard of Imperial or LSE. a guy who is studying at Oxford Brookes can fool people(well, not all, of course) in China by stating that he is a member of the university of Oxford. lol
    LOL, really? I think people try and do that here (go to oxford brookes and then say they go to oxford - conviniently missing out the 'brookes' part).

    (Original post by Kiril)
    Oh well, I've made up my mind then - Edinburgh - a great city. Computer Science - A GREAT Subject. The Uni at Edinburgh - a great university for Computer Science. What's even more, the word is that it's as good as Imperial for the subject.

    It looks like finally, I've made up my mind.

    :P see you first semester!!!!
    what kind of grades did u get?

    I'm from edinburgh and i know 2 guys going to do compsci there. One got like ABBC and the other got ABCCC in higher and they've both got unconditionals

    There are definitely some people bitter about LSE, some are snobbish about Oxbridge and some might not have gotten in at any of these three places. What matters is whether you think you like London and the course they offer. I know Cambridge by heart and I believe that LSE is definitely a good (really good!) choice for a postgrad degree. In terms of reputation, the following holds true: LSE and Oxbridge are world-class institutions. BUT Oxford and Cambridge will always have a slightly better reputation in the world than LSE. This is not because LSE is not as good as them, but Oxford and Cambridge are more diverse in their research areas and definitely have a longer and more stunning history of successes (and nobel prizes) to look upon. Summa summarum: Does it matter nowadays whether Newton was at Trinity, Hayek at LSE or Hobbes in Oxford? No! Because they are all wicked places! Now, please stop all these discussions whether or not the cleaning lady at the Ritz in Bombay or the housekeeper of the French Parliament heard of LSE or not. Does this really matter to you or does it just feed your vanity? I know people from Harvard, Stanford and Columbia and they believe that LSE and Oxbridge are wonderful places to be. And in terms of undergrad, they even admitt, that a BA from Harvard is not as deep as one from England since they cannot specialise in anything properly during their four years.

    (Original post by koalapiyo)
    yep, imperial is very good - certainly more prestigious than edinburgh.
    and for engineering, biological science, medicine, few can touch it.
    Actually, that is a load of rubbish, Imperial is rubbish for medicine. I think you will find Newcastle is the best medical school in the UK.
    Dont talk about stuff you do not know about........


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