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    Some one please help me out.....

    Is it possible for a blue-eyed couple to reproduce a brown-eyed child? Use a
    Mendel square as part of your explanation.

    If red and yellow are BOTH dominant colors in garden roses, what happens
    when you cross a red with a yellow rose? Use a Mendel square as part of your

    Is it possible for a brown-eyed couple to reproduce a blue-eyed child? Use a
    Mendel square as part of your explanation. - I said no. He didnt explain
    what a mendem square is.


    According to evolutionary psychologists, one of the major causes of wife
    battering or murder is infedelity or the suspicion of infedelity. On what
    basis did they reach this conclusion?

    for the questns on eye colour.
    first answer is no
    second answer is yes.

    i have no idea what a Mendel square is but im basing my answers from GCSE science which was a couple of years ago by the way

    mendal square is basically a table. So if you know the 2 alleles a couple has, you can work out their potential offspring.

    Like this

    Dominant Allele Recessive Allele
    Dominant Allele Dom,Dom Dom,Rec

    Recessive Allele Dom,Rec Rec,Rec

    The dom,dom inside bits represent the genotype of the offspring. So if you know whether blue eyes is dominant or recessive (and I *think* it's recessive) then the couple CAN'T have a child that doesn't have blue eyes as they both have to be recessive heterozygous in order to have blue eyes themselves. However, if blue was the dominant allele, then they could have a brown-eyed child, but ONLY if they both carried a recessive allele for brown. The same thing applies if a brown eyed couple have a blue eyed kid - it all depends on whats dominant and whats recessive.

    This is what happens when you cross a red with a yellow rose:

    Let R = red allel
    Let Y = yellow allele

    Y Y
    R R,Y R,Y

    R R,Y R,Y

    So basically, ALL plants come out a cross between yellow and red, but only because the alleles are co-dominant.

    And the evolutionary psychology thing is probably based on the fact that people form relationships in order to reproduce, to continue their genes through the generations. If a woman has been unfaithful, then this poses a threat to the husband (because women can only have a limited number of children unlike men who can shoot sperm up anyone) so the husband beats his wife in order to 'control' her or cause her to fear having an affair. This means that she's not likely to get pregnant with another man's baby.
    Because it's EVOLUTIONARY, it refers to genetics and reproduction. So any evolutionary theory will always be pulled back to that.
    There is research which has shown that women don't mind promiscuity in men as much as men do in women, which would back up that assumption.

    The mendal tables didn't come out how I planned there!

    all you do is you plot the couples alleles on the outside of a table with one couple down the side, and the other across the top, and then you can cross reference to see the genotype of children. hope that makes sense.

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