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Bristol, Edinburgh and Warwick! Heeeeelp!! watch

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    I've got offers from Bristol, Edinburgh and Warwick...
    For Master degree in " TESOL (Teaching English ) "

    I've been surfing lots of sites for information.
    but still making a decision among these really drives me crazy.
    For several reasons...and I desperately needs your advice.

    These are what I want to get from the university. (Below)

    1. Quality of the teaching (including professor and curriculum)
    2. reputation for TESOL internationally
    3. How beautiful the city (where the univ. is located ) is..(I don't mean endless green field..but of course city with beautiful nature nearby..Am I too demanding ? - and how safe
    4. How much do I have to spend for the living..
    5. How friendly to international students...

    It is more difficult to choose the university than I expected..

    I am waiting your answer...

    thanks for reading and have a nice day~!!!!!!!!

    OK, admittedly I know nothing about Bristol or Warwick , but I can tell you that I have never been to a cleaner, safer or friendlier city than Edinburgh. I don't know what the crime stats are, but I figure any city where as a single woman you can get lost at 3 am and still feel unthreatened is a pretty safe place. I can't think of any city in the US where that could happen and I would not be crying. The place is gorgeous as well; I could well live in the botanical gardens. You must have some notion of the quality of the program, or you would not have applied there, so I'm guessing Edinburgh has everything you could ask for. plus the cost of living tends to be a tad more reasonable the further North you go. I myself was going to apply to Edinburgh fro MA Archaeology, but decided to try for Oxford instead. I love Edinburgh and look forward to many future visits.
    Congrats on all your offers
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    thanks to you, my mind is tilting toward Edinburgh.
    But for final dicision I need more time ^^ I think..
    Is there anyone who can tell me about Bristol and Warwick ?

    South Essex - I'm suprised you think Edinburgh is completely safe, perhaps you didn't get lost in the right (or wrong parts). Every city has its rough areas and Edinburgh can be notoriously unsafe. Having said that, it has its amazingly attractive parts.

    Bristol too can be unsafe, but I know it better and perhaps because of that feel at ease there. Also - Bristol may be the better recognised internationally (though Edinburgh is oustanding too).

    I've heard from Warwick grads that Warwick's campus is on the outskirts of a city and is generally very nice - never been there myself but the people I know loved it there.

    They are all good universities so whereever you go, the teaching quality should be ok.

    I don't know anything about Edinburgh but I visited Bristol and Warwick. Both have fantastic reputations but Bristol is the most beautiful of the two, it's a gorgeous city whereas Warwick is a campus university and definitely not as pretty. Have you visited them all?
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